Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

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Mother’s Day is fast approaching, ladies!  I can’t believe May is only a weekend away…and I haven’t gotten my mother and mother-in-law anything yet.  Well, okay…I can totally believe that I haven’t gotten the gifts yet.  Waiting until the last minute is kinda my thing.  It wasn’t until I was reading a post by Sarah of Little Vintage Nest about mother’s day gift ideas that I thought I better get my butt in gear and start thinking about what to get them.  I loved her round up so much that I am taking a page from her book and putting together a list of ideas that I thought would make awesome gifts…some funny, some sentimental, some just plain fun.  I would take any and all of these if you are reading this, Chris, honey.  So here they are in no particular order:

I looooove this personalized bracelet by Sweet Auburn Studio!  It look so cute and stylish and they come in all kinds of beautiful colors.  Plus, it’s leather and handmade.  What’s not to love?

Next up is this gorgeous Gather sign by Camellia Cottage Décor.  If farmhouse style is your thing, than this sign fits the bill!  There are all kinds of other beautiful signs in this etsy shop as well.


If your mom loves cooking and baking and is also tech-savvy enough to use recipes from a tablet, then this is an awesome gift for her.  This tablet/cookbook holder from Country Barn Babe looks farmhouse-chic in the kitchen, and is super handy too!  You can also have it personalized in a variety of options.



AEK Studio and Design offers a kitchen towel customized with a favorite recipe from a loved one. Sarah from Little Vintage Nest had a similar tea towel on her list and I think it is the coolest idea ever! I have a ton of handwritten recipes from my Grandma Fazak (my maiden name is Fazakerley…that should explain it) that I would love to see on one of these.  Not only is it sentimental, but also useful and decorative!

Okay, another sign, I know.  But they are just so dang awesome!  This one is especially meaningful on Mother’s Day.  What a beautiful reminder of how blessed we are (and maybe your mom needs a reminder…awwww just kidding…I’m sure you’re really great!).  You can find this one at The Peddlers Shed…and trust me, she will LOVE it!


If your mom has a green thumb or maybe doesn’t, but enjoys plants anyway, this succulent planter is sure to be a big hit!  Not only are succulents totally on trend right now, they are also pretty hard to kill since they don’t require much care.  Okay, I confess I have killed a few, but I’m sure I’m the exception.  I do have a few live ones hanging on in my home right now, by some miracle.  LaSelva Succulents creates these beautiful planters, and I think they make a lovely gift.

And If you happen to be the favorite child like I am, then look no further!  I definitely think I should order this one from Fancy Type right. now.  With my name at the bottom, of course…sorry Mardi and Kendal.

And last but not least, I’m sure your mother would totally appreciate this moleskin notebook from Alfamarama.  With “My list of things I was right about” printed on every page, you will become her favorite if you weren’t already.

All of these products can be found on Etsy, which is one of my absolute favorite websites to find unique handmade and vintage items.  We are not receiving compensation of any kind…I just wanted to share some cool ideas!  And maybe at the very least, this little post will serve as a reminder to find something. soon. (ahem…note to self).