Grateful at Graduation

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Sunday, June 4th was a really big day for my family.  My oldest child graduated from high school and my Dad was the commencement speaker.  It was amazing!  My Dad was part of the first graduating class of Oakridge High School in 1967, 50 years ago.  I graduated from Oakridge in 1992, 25 years ago.  Then on June 4th, my daughter Marek graduated from Oakridge.  I was so proud to have my Dad speaking at my daughter’s graduation, my buttons were bursting.  It was a blessed day for sure.

My Dad’s speech was phenomenal of course, but not just because I’m his daughter and I’m partial.  In it, he told of his eventual career path.  He didn’t know what he wanted to do for a living until he was almost 30.  At 25, he quit a secure, relatively good paying job to find something more fulfilling.  Already married to my Mom and having a sweet, beautiful baby (me), he took quite a risk.  His friend from high school suggested he try the metal casting industry, which he fell in love with.  Together he and Wayne started a company called Eagle Alloy, and the rest is history.

The speech encouraged all students, not just those with stellar grades.  He knows from being an employer that good grades are not an automatic guarantee for success.  Hard work is the common denominator.  My favorite part of the speech is the closing.  Instead of paraphrasing, I’ll quote the last paragraph:

“But there will come a time- faster than you think- when you will begin to reflect on the many good things in your life, the gifts your creator gave you to better your life, and I hope that a growing sense of gratitude will lead you to begin to think about how you can give back to your community:  helping others in many ways, those who could never pay you back.  For no matter how well you do, the satisfaction of being a benefit to your community and to raise up others around you is an incomparable feeling.  That feeling is the true measure of success.”

Do you see what I mean?  It’s really great, isn’t it?  Not only are Megan and I blessed to have a hardworking, successful father, he is a humble, godly man who is generous beyond measure.  Megan and I are truly blessed in the family department, both in our own and our husbands’ families.  As a matter of fact, Megan is blessed with the best sister ever….

Anyway, Marek’s graduation was a day to cherish and remember.  As for having a daughter graduated, that’s a whole other blog post, er subject.


4 thoughts on “Grateful at Graduation

  1. This blog about your father made my throat tingle and constrict…a sign that I might cry. Such a wonderful man who helped create a beautiful family…inside and out!
    Thank You for sharing~

    Happy Graduation to a girl I adored the minute I met her.

    1. Oh thank you so much for your kind words, Tracey! Marek likes you too….we all do! Hopefully we can see you in the not-too-distant future.

  2. Your Dad is truly a model for all of us. He’s a model human being, period.
    Happy graduation, Marek! Congratulaions! Oh, the places you’ll go!
    Keep up the great work, ladies! I love hearing from you and seeing Wolf Lake.

    1. Thank you so much, Kelly! It means a lot knowing you’re reading our posts! Thank you for your kind words about Dad and Marek too. We saw pictures of your adorable children a few weeks ago after your mom got home from California.

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