Wishing You a Fabulous Fourth!

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Independence Day is almost upon us!  It’s one of our favorite holidays…..and we love holidays.  There are so many things that come to mind when I think of the Fourth, and they’re all f-words (now hold on a minute, it’s NOT what you’re thinking):  food, family, friends, fireworks, fellowship, founding fathers, and did I say food?  Since we were kids, our parents have hosted a huge Fourth of July party.  They live on Wolf Lake, so the party includes swimming, boating, eating, and fireworks….lots of fireworks.  Our Dad has been a pyromaniac since his youth, so he is in his element on the Fourth.

As for our food, the guys deep-fry shrimp, chicken, onion rings, and French fries.  That is where all the guys hang out, by the deep fryers so they can taste-test.  Guests bring a dish to pass, so we always have a wide array of delicious food.  I’m hungry just thinking about the different potato and pasta dishes and salads, baked beans, and a long table full of desserts (my favorite part).  After we eat, it’s time for games for the kids.  The annual sack race is hysterical.  The other games vary, like water balloons, ring toss, limbo, etc.  Later, everyone changes into warmer clothes and loads up on bug spray in preparation for the fireworks show.  It’s spectacular!  I can actually enjoy it now….once when I was a kid, I hid the fireworks because I was worried that our house would burn down.  Let’s just say that my Dad was not amused.  Ah, memories.

Other than sack races, and various relay races, there are lots of other fun games that take almost no prep.  This year we are going to add a three-legged race (hopefully the adults will get in on this one), and tug-of-war again.  We also might add a bottle-ring toss since my mom already has the bottles in the crate.  Super easy, but the kids just love it.  We always put out the corn-hole games, too, which kids of all ages enjoy.  And lastly, I am going to put some sidewalk chalk out for this fun idea:
















Source:  Heart of Deborah

I also love making food for the party and pour over recipes, trying to decide what to make.  Always it’s a dessert, but sometimes I make snacks too.  Last year I made Sweet & Salty Cashew Chex Mix.  I found the recipe on Pinterest from Julie’s Eats & Treats.   Oh, it’s so delicious and addicting!  Sander likes it too, so he’s been known to sneak the leftovers upstairs to his room.  For many years I made scotcheroos, which never last long.  Megan makes the absolute best salted double chocolate cookies.  One year she made the cutest cherry pies on a stick.  As you can see, we take our desserts seriously.

And it is so fun seeing family (especially the ones that don’t live next door…although we always love seeing each other, too), and friends, old and new.  We usually average over 100 people every year!  It’s just the best time ever, and we are so thankful that we get to be a part of it

Wherever you are, whatever you do, may you have a fabulous Fourth of July!  We truly are blessed to live in this great country.  Thankfully, we reap the rewards of all that have sacrificed and gone before us.  I just saw a phrase on an Independence Day T-shirt:  “Party Like it’s 1776!”  Yes, let’s do that, but use electricity, drive our cars, put on sunscreen, not wear corsets, use paper plates……


What are your favorite Fourth of July traditions?

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  1. I knew that was you Mard you posted the Duke, you made my father proud 🤗
    I think I remember you being scared and we would hangout inside, plus no mosquitoes. I look forward to it tomorrow 😘

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