Meet the Minis!

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If you follow our Instagram, you already know that we have added two new members to our horse family.  In a former post, I alluded to the detour we took on our way up north to look at miniature horses.   See that post here.  Megan’s infamous statement to her girls, “just because we’re looking, doesn’t mean we’re going to get one…,” proved to be right.  Instead we got two, a mama and her baby.  Our original thinking was that if we got another horse, Nina would not be alone if Megan and I rode our horses.  Nina, our 19 year old Arabian (Marek’s first horse), runs, paces, neighs, and panics when her boys aren’t with her.  So we thought, let’s get her a companion.  We don’t really need another horse to ride, so let’s get a mini…..they’re smaller and eat less.  Besides, they’re cute.  B-u-t, it turns out that going to just “look” at a miniature horse farm is the kiss of death.  Martha, the sweet owner of the farm, took us to look at the babies first (smart move).  They were all about 3 months old, all legs and looking like Bambi.  Their hair was frizzy and their short manes stuck straight up like mohawks.  They were adorable!  One in particular caught our eye because he came up to us, wanting attention.  The others were a bit skittish.  The affectionate one even followed us to the gate and stuck his head out as if to say, “hey, where are you going?”  Yep, you guessed it, we were smitten.

We then looked at adult minis.  Our main requirement (IF we got one, of course) was a good temperament.  We’d had a bad experience with a Hackney/Welsh cross named Dougal and Kendal and Fynnlay bear the scars to prove it.  He didn’t last long at our barn.  Then we had a Palomino named Flossie who loved Angus and Colin, but was stubborn as a mule.  She was young and basically more work than Megan and I could handle.  So our next grand scheme was a mini companion for Nina.  There were several adult minis to choose from in a variety of colors, all with good temperaments.  Decision time.  Megan and I asked Milla and Fynn which horse they liked.  The affectionate baby was the consensus, but he wouldn’t be able to be ridden for a few years.  Only Fynnlay would probably ride him anyway, because we have Nina.  But how fun to ride a mini horse!  We also had dreams of getting a cart and driving them.  So we again leaned to an adult……but that baby was so cute!  As it turned out, the baby’s mother was for sale too.  She was a sweetheart also.  We left excited, dazed, and confused, visions of miniature horses dancing in our heads.

For the following few days, we talked it over.  Milla kept saying we should get both the mama and the baby.  I agreed, but did not hesitate to throw her under the bus, telling our Dad that Milla thinks we should get both.  After a few phone calls back and forth with Martha, we set the day for mama (a.k.a. Golden Promise) and baby to arrive.  We decided to call Golden Promise “Goldie” and the baby Ryerson, or Rye.  You’d have thought we were naming a human baby.  We had baby name lists and went through the process of elimination before we got to Rye.  At their arrival to our barn, they seemed pretty relaxed.  Colin, Angus, and Nina were curious and ran around the paddock in excitement.  We have the minis in a separate area for now and may try to put them with the other horses later.  They checked each other out over the gate, it was so cute.

Friesians meeting our miniature foalfriesian horse meeting miniature foal

miniature horse and foalminiature horse and foalminiature horseminiature foal climbing on mama horseminiature horse and miniature foalminiature horse and miniature foalminiature foal in barn

All has gone well so far, except for the fact that Megan and I can’t seem to get anything else done, we’re at the barn so much.  They’re just so fun to watch.  We’ve learned that Goldie is like a Hoover vacuum, so our theory that minis eat less has been blown out of the water.  Rye likes to play and jump on people, acting like a dog.  But his hooves hurt, and it’s bad manners.  We have a lot to teach him, but we’ll have fun doing it.  The adventure continues, so stay tuned. Forgive us for posting so many pictures, we’re proud horse parents!


What do you think of the baby’s new name?  Yay or Neigh?