Blueberry Pickin’ in the Mitten

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blueberry picking

Hey guys, have any of you been blueberry picking yet?  My mom, sister Kendal, and my two girls and I went a week or so ago, and it was so fun!  We found a good spot and started picking away.  My mom was methodical and tried to pick a bush clean before moving on to the next.  I felt a little scatterbrained and kept moving from bush to bush, looking for the best one, and sampling the occasional berry.  Fynn followed close by me, and at one point whispered to me, “How many have you eaten?  I’ve had five or seven,” as if she was confessing a deep, dark, secret.  Let’s just say that I had a few more than five or seven and was praying that my teeth wouldn’t be too blue when I went to have my bucket weighed!

blueberry pickingblueberry picking

My Grandpa and Grandma Fazakerley used to bring my sisters and I blueberry picking when we were little, and those times are some of my most favorite memories of them.  My grandma would pack a picnic lunch and we would sit on a blanket in the shade after we were done.  I know for sure we had cookies and lemonade, but don’t ask me what we ate for lunch!  And I’ll never forget when my younger cousins Eric and Andrew were old enough to come along.  I can still see my grandma’s eyes bugging out of her head as Eric swung his full bucket of blueberries around and upside down, testing gravity.  Which is exactly the sort of thing my Kimball would do.  Luckily, he had football practice and wasn’t able to come.  Did I say luckily?  Oops, I mean unfortunately.  Okay, now I’m lying.  Really though, the girls never once even thought of testing the centrifugal force of a bucket of berries.  Although, Fynn did walk back to the car with an empty bucket on her head, so who knows what she was thinking!

blueberry picking

The girls and I left with several pounds of berries, and I made blueberry crisp and blueberry buckle.  I also ate copious amounts of berries straight outta the fridge, and let’s just say my stomach has made the most unusual noises as of late.  Enough said.  Moving on.  So the recipe I used for the blueberry crisp was actually a rhubarb crisp recipe.  I had made it a few weeks ago with the rhubarb my Aunt Lynn had given me from her garden, and I liked it so much that I just switched out of the fruit.  I thought it turned out perfect!   You can find the recipe here.  You could probably use a little less sugar since blueberries aren’t nearly as tart as rhubarb, but I made it as is and loved it.  Of course, my tolerance for sugar is probably higher than the average human’s.  But if you are looking for a good blueberry crisp recipe, save yourself the trouble of spending hours on Pinterest and just make this one.  You won’t be disappointed!  (And try it with rhubarb, too!)

blueberry crispblueberry crisp

What’s your favorite blueberry recipe?  I’d love to hear!