Fill Your Freezer Fast With Freezer Cooking

Last week Tuesday, Megan, our good friend Karla and I, spent the day freezer cooking.  If you’ve never done it before, trust me, freezer cooking rocks!  It’s an absolute life saver to have meals in the freezer, all ready to cook whenever needed….like, everyday.  As much as I love to bake, I don’t like cooking.  B-u-t, I like to eat, hence my love of freezer cooking.  It feels so satisfying to have a freezer stocked with delicious meals, especially with the holidays approaching.

freezer meals

First, we decided on the “assembly” date.  Karla suggested that we each make four meals:  one ground beef, one chicken, one pork, and one of our choice.  So between the three of us, we would each get 12 meals!  Then we searched Pinterest for freezer cooking recipes, as well as using a few that we already had.  After choosing recipes and making lists, it was time for grocery shopping.  Karla and I bought our groceries at Aldi’s and Meijer’s, while Megan only went to Meijer’s.  We kept track of our expenses so that we could square up with each other later.

The recipes that I chose to make were:  beef tips with gravy, smothered pork chops, chicken and rice with black beans, and black bean taco soup. I’ve served all of these meals to my family before, so I knew that they were “winners.”  Karla chose to make recipes in disposable tinfoil pans rather than Ziploc baggies, like Megan and I.  Her recipes were:  ravioli, enchiladas, chicken pot pie, and pork with sweet potatoes and apples. Megan decided on:  chili, one pot chicken dinner, kielbasa with peppers, and beef stew.  The beef stew is a sixsistersstuff recipe and a favorite of both of our families…..and did I mention that it is beyond easy to make?   The black bean taco soup is also a sixsistersstuff recipe.  What can I say, the six sisters really know their, ah, stuff.

freezer meal

Find the recipe for Kielbasa and Peppers here.

We met at my house for the assembly which worked out great for me, but not so much for Megan and Karla.  They had to tote all of their groceries and a cooler, but they were good sports.  My kitchen was a flurry of activity as we each made our own four recipes for each of us.  There was much slicing, dicing, browning hamburger, rinsing and draining beans, etc.  I cheated with the onions and bought frozen diced onions from Meijer’s….I loathe chopping onions!  We had a quick lunch break before finishing and going over our receipts.  The final cost for the 12 meals was…drumroll please…….$107 for each of us.  That’s right, $107 for 12 homemade meals!  I still can’t believe it.

Next time we make freezer meals, we said maybe we’ll prepare them at home, then meet to exchange them.  That way, we can visit more.  Then again, maybe we won’t.  We’re women, and it’s our prerogative to change our minds! Either way, it’s such an amazing feeling knowing that my freezer is stocked.  Tonight, we’re having Megan’s one pot chicken dinner.  Megan is preparing my smothered pork chops.  Megan made Karla’s enchiladas last week and said they were really tasty.  Whether you work from home or not, whether you run kids to sporting events constantly, or not, freezer meals are a lifesaver.  Instead of wondering frantically, “what am I making for dinner tonight?” ,  simply decide which freezer meal you want.  It’s generally suggested to defrost the frozen meals in the refrigerator overnight, but many times I put them in the crockpot frozen and adjust the time accordingly.  Now is the best time for freezer cooking, because everyone will only get busier with Thanksgiving and Christmas around the corner.  Happy freezer cooking!


What is your favorite freezer cooking recipe?