Ten Must-Have Bathroom Hacks

Since it’s still January, and I’m still in cleaning and organizing mode, I thought I would share a few bathroom hacks that are semi-genius.  Okay, maybe not, but I’ll admit, some of them took some time to occur to me.  So I’ll save you the trouble, and just spell them out for you now in case you are like me and sometimes learn the hard way.

These are especially helpful if you have young children… or a husband.  Bathrooms are opportunities for disaster, in more ways than one.  So let’s just cut to the chase and get right to it, especially since I hate cleaning the bathroom and want to spend as little time as possible doing it.

One…do not buy a bar of soap.  Don’t. do. it.  Kids love to leave those slimy cakes in the bottom of the tub until they are a pile of mush, which then hardens and takes a chisel to pry away.  They also drip soapy trails down the sides of the tub or shower if they don’t end up on the bottom.  Solution?  Body wash in a pump.  One squirt on the washcloth, and bam!  Done!  No cakey soap scum everywhere.

(And if you are still helping wash up little ones, a cheap gardener’s kneeling pad does wonders for your knees.)

Two…pump-style shampoo and conditioner.  My kids always left shampoo bottles tipped on their side, which then leaks all over.  And they always squeezed way too much out, which then ends up all over the bottle.  So do yourself and them a favor and buy the big bottles with pumps.  They last longer with less waste and mess.

Three…mesh toy organizer.  Have you ever stepped on an army guy, dolphin, or Barbie?  Trust me, it hurts just as much in the tub or shower.  I always tell myself I’m gonna miss stepping on stuff and cleaning around tub toys someday, but I have yet to actually believe it.

Four…wipes.  Both kinds.  The ones for hind-ends and for cleaning surfaces.  Just don’t mix them up.  We had that situation once…I left out some sanitizing wipes and one of my kiddos used them on her bottom.  So make sure they know the difference, or put the sanitizing wipes safely out of reach.  (Definitely a parenting fail, that one, but she survived).  Anyway, wipes just make for quick, easy, clean-up in either situation.

Five…Colgate.  Can you say attached cap?  Mardi put me on to this one, and I must say I was wowed by her genius and a little embarrassed I hadn’t thought of it myself.  I always bought Crest, but the kids always lost the cap.  Colgate’s cap is attached.  Bingo!  Thank you Mardi!

Six…a stool.  (Get your mind out of the toilet for a minute)  If your kids are still little, make sure they can reach the sink easy.  That way washing hands is more apt to happen, and that just keeps everything more clean.

Seven…shower spray.  Seriously.  This stuff helps cut down on soap scum and hard water build-up big time.  When you do find the time to actually scrub your tub and shower, it makes the job much easier if you’ve been using this stuff all along.  You can also just spray vinegar and water, too.

Eight…speaking of vinegar, I use vinegar to clean pretty much everything in my bathroom.  I don’t dilute it much, and I end up smelling like an easter egg, but it’s so worth it.  It’s super cheap, kills germs, and I don’t worry about chemicals mixing in with bath water.

Nine…shelves.  Over the toilet.  Take advantage of this space and put up a couple of shelves to store stuff like this bathroom found on Pinterest. Shelves work better than those behind the toilet organizer thingies because you don’t have to clean around the legs of them.

And lastly, keep the toilet paper handy for goodness sake!

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