Winter Home Tour

Winter in Michigan is awesome!  Ya just gotta love getting in a freezing car, scraping windows, driving on ice, trudging through slush, biting cold wind, and wearing five layers just to leave the house.  No?  Well, I guess those probably aren’t my favorite reasons for loving winter in Michigan, either.  But, seriously, I do love it.  And probably one of my favorite reasons is because I am a homebody, and I love to stay home.  I don’t mind staying home on a Friday night, doing nothing but sitting in front of a fire and reading a good book.

Winter Decor

winter decor, bottlebush trees

winter decor, faux evergreens

winter decor, galvanzed decor

Winter Decor, galvanized

Winter is the best time to relax and enjoy a slower pace if you live in a northern climate.  As much as I love spring flowers and gardening and summer beach days, they also come with a lot of extra work.  Work that I love, but sometimes I miss actually sitting on the couch in the summer because I hate to spend one minute of nice weather inside.  Weird, I know!  But that’s what is so great about a Michigan winter!  I don’t have all of that outdoor yard work, I don’t feel guilty about sitting inside on a nice day (because it usually isn’t nice out), and it makes me appreciate the warmth and beauty of our nice weather even more!  Plus, nothing is prettier than a fresh snowfall.

winter decor, faux evergreens

winter decor, faux evergreens

So as long as I’m going to be inside a lot, I might as well make my home cozy.  It’s easy to make it cozy before Christmas, but a little more challenging after the holidays are over.  This year I left a lot of greenery out because it’s warm and inviting, and green!  And admit it…in Michigan it seems a little silly to put up non-evergreen greenery just yet!  Just think of it as a rustic, cozy, ski-lodge look.  Or Scandinavian.  Or you can just think I’m goofy…which is fine, too, and most likely true.  Either way, I hope you find some inspiration to keep your home cozy for just a little while longer.

winter decor, faux evergreens

winter decor, faux evergreens

winter decor, faux evergreens

winter decor, faux evergreens

I left the string lighting up for a little while in my sunroom, too.  It’s just nice to enjoy white lights when it gets dark at 5:00!  And my new (old) crock looks great decked out in greens.

winter decor, faux evergreens

winter decor, faux evergreens

Everything looks less cluttered and fresh than the Christmas décor, but still homey and unbare (not a word…but bear with me!).

winter decor, faux evergreens

winter decor, faux evergreens

And lastly, you have to have a great candle!  My favorite candle this time of year is Bath and Body Works’ Winter candle.  It smells woodsy and a little smoky, and I like it a lot!

So pile up pillows and throws, throw in some faux evergreens and bottlebrush trees, and don’t forget a candle or two.  Light a fire, grab a book, and enjoy your comfy cozy surroundings guilt free!  And don’t worry…gardening and ball season are just around the corner, so enjoy it while it lasts!

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winter decor

Harvest and Halloween Home Tour

Harvest and Halloween Home Tour

Happy Wednesday, everyone!  This week is flying by already!  Actually, the whole month is.  I can’t believe it is almost mid-October.  The kids have already been in school for six weeks, and it seems like they just started.  (Time flies when you’re having fun…I guess I’ve been having fun having them at school.)  Since Halloween is right around the corner, and before we know it Christmas will be here, I thought I better get this post on Harvest/Halloween decorating done…just in case you were dying to see it (wink, wink).

Fall is my favorite time of year.  I love decorating my home in pumpkins and lighting candles and just making the house feel cozy.  After barely being inside all summer, I have to admit that it feels good to stay inside and make myself comfy on the couch (well, after soccer and football practices, supper, homework, listening to a violin scratching away, nagging about showers and teeth brushing, and getting everyone tucked in, kissed, prayed over, and a glass of water).  As I’ve mentioned before, I used to put up every decoration I owned, whether I liked it or not, but I have decided that sometimes less is more, and it’s okay to put out only the things I really like.  So this is a much simpler version of what I used to do, but my kids still get excited when I get the holiday stuff out

First of all, what would Fall be without pumpkins?  Lots of fake pumpkins!  It’s amazing how expensive they can be, though, so it’s always a good idea to buy them after the season on clearance.  And you can never have too many!

pumpkins, fall decorating

decorating with pumpkins

decorating for fall with pumpkins

decorating for fall

harvest and halloween decor


I LOVE fake crows.  They are simple and match with your existing décor.  Let these babies roost any and everywhere!

halloween decorations, fake crows

decorating for Halloween with fake crows

Mini fairy lights are so fun!  You can stick these almost anywhere and they lend a nice warm glow.

decorating for halloween with fairy lights

You just gotta have a throw somewhere to snuggle under.  I bought this wool blanket for $4 at an antique store!

decorating for Fall with throws

These cute little bats with sticky backs were only 75 cents at Family Dollar.  I would have bought more, but they were sold out.  And the black velvet bow was 90 percent off at Jo-Ann Fabrics!

decorating for halloween

And lastly, you can’t have a cozy house without a great candle.  My all-time favorite fall candle is Yankee Candle’s Harvest scent.  It is the best!

yankee candle harvest scent

I hope you enjoyed this little tour and maybe even found some decorating inspiration for your own home.  I know I love to get sneak peeks into other people’s homes, since I rarely come up with an original idea on my own!  Wishing you a cozy, relaxing October evening, friends!  And hopefully it doesn’t include scratchy violin noises in the background.



Grover Road Garden Tour (Part 1)

Now that school is finally finished for the year, we are enjoying our time outdoors.  We spend most of our time down at my parents’ beach, but every now and then I can convince the kids to leave the beach before 9 p.m. and will get to enjoy my own yard.  Not often, but that’s okay.  My mom and dad’s yard is pretty beautiful, and you can’t beat swimming on Wolf Lake.  We have also made a few improvements to the barn yard.  With all of the flowers planted, I thought I would give you a little tour of some of our outdoor spaces.  Maybe you will find some inspiration for your own yard, or maybe you won’t, but I’m gonna show ya anyway!  So put on some sunscreen and your walkin’ shoes, and we will take a tour of our little Fazakerley compound we got going on down here on Grover Road.

First up is my front yard.  I’m not even going to show you the back, because, well, it’s ugly right now.  It’s pretty wooded, which I love, but the mosquitoes are so plentiful that I can hardly stand being out there unless I’m sitting by the fire pit.  And that’s only if I have a s’more in my hand.  So, yes, it pretty much takes the lure of s’mores to get me back there right now.

Okay, back to my front yard.  It’s definitely not perfect, and every year I switch some stuff around.  And I have one kind of pain in the neck problem…hard water.  We had to get creative on where our sprinklers fell so they wouldn’t stain the house or driveway, and we made sure to have a flower bed border between the grass and house/driveway to prevent the staining.  So here is what the border around our driveway looks like.

And this year, I added Dwarf Alberta Spruce to each big pot.  I always used to pay $5 for a fountain grass that lasted one summer.  These were $7 and hopefully will live for a couple of summers anyway!  Plus, I can pull out the dead annuals and string them with lights for Christmas and winter!  So make sure you think about incorporating bushes and trees in your pots to make an impact in all seasons!

Here is a cluster of pots filled with annuals to add lots of color.  Tucked in the mix are my girls’ little fairy gardens they put together.  It was so fun letting them pick out little plants and accessories to add, and they planted them while I was potting other plants.

Sitting on either side of the entryway to my front porch are two urns.  I found these tropical plants on clearance at Lowe’s for five bucks!  I just plopped them in and added creeping jenny.  So simple, but I think they look nice.  Plus, I can bring the tropical plant in over winter and try to keep it alive…bahaha!

And lastly, I will give you a peek at the front porch décor.  Pretty much everything out here is vintage and collected super cheap over time.

Whew!  Thanks for staying with me this long!  Hopefully, you picked up a few ideas for your yard and garden!  The next post will feature my mom’s yard, so make sure to look for the Grover Road Garden Tour part 2!



I Love the Red, White, & Blue!

Memorial Day is this Monday, which means a long weekend!  Woo Hoo!!  And school is almost out for the summer!  And I’m pretty sure we will eat hot dogs at least once (okay, maybe not a woohoo…but it means summer).  But most importantly, it means we take a day to remember and honor all of our fellow Americans who have served or are serving our country.  Man, can you imagine a greater sacrifice?  Even if that sacrifice didn’t involve their very lives, it meant sacrificing family, friends, home, comfort, peace, freedom, and much more at some point along the journey.  To think that anyone would give up all of that for you and me…well, that’s just pretty darn special.

As you can tell by the blog name, Mardi and I are pretty patriotic.  We love American history, and learning about great Americans that have come before us and shaped our nation.  We both believe that God had a sovereign hand in the creation of the Constitution, and has blessed our country with faithful leaders.  But no leader is greater than one that has laid down his or her life for her country.  And to all of those heroes, we salute you, thank you, and thank God for you.  And may God continue to protect those men and women currently serving the good ole U.S.A!

Because I love my country, and I also happen to love flags and red, white, and blue, I already have some patriotic décor scattered around my house.  This weekend always inspires me to add a little more to keep up through the 4th of July.  So I’ve picked a couple of my favorite ideas to inspire you, plus a few from my own home.

Source:  Pinterest

Source:  House Beautiful

Source:  Liz Marie Blog

Source:  On Sutton Place


I picked up a pack of little flags at the dollar store to put in this pitcher.  Easy Peasy!

More little flags just propped in some greenery.

I bought this flag at an antique store.  It used to hang in a courtroom.

I love this flag holder over my secretary desk!  It came from

All of these ideas are super simple and cheap, but add a nice dose of patriotic character!  Have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend with your family, and may you appreciate the freedom to do so because of the sacrifices of so many!