Repurposed Sweater Into a Cape

You may have read in my last post that I decided to make Fynnlay a little capelet or cape for her Easter dress the Saturday night before.  I couldn’t find a cute little cardigan that I liked, and I knew she would be cold with a sleeveless dress.  And I had started knitting one, but knew I wouldn’t get it done in time.  So at about 7:30 Saturday night, in between coloring eggs, I found an old sweater of mine that matched her dress perfectly.  I cut off the bottom half, sewed a lining in since she can’t stand itchy sweaters, and then knit a quick I-cord and threaded it through the sweater layer.  It covered her little shoulder perfectly,and I couldn’t believe how nice the colors complemented her dress.  Plus, it was free!  She was still freezing since it was only about 45 degrees out in the morning, but it took the chill off.

Now I’m thinking of making her some more since it was so easy!  If you are interested in more details on how I made it, feel free to leave a comment below and I will get back with you!